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Installation of the CGI script

  1. If you provider/server needs a special extension for Perl CGI scripts, please rename "" to this extension, e.g. ".cgi".
  2. Open the file "" with an editor.
  3. Change the path in line 1 to the directory where you Perl interpreter is installed. Ask your system administrator if you have problems.
  4. Change the value of the variable $datadir (in line 10). It must contain the directory where the forum data will be stored. Please note that you need write access for the directory.
  5. Change the value of the variable $pwdfile (in line 11). It must contain the path and file name of the file containing the password for the administrator functions (default name is pwd.txt). Using the administrator features you can update and delete entries from the forum. Please make sure the this file cannot be accessed from outside (via the Internet). You need read access to the file.
  6. Edit pwd.txt and write the password that you would like to use to this file.
  7. Upload to your "cgi-bin" directory on your server.
  8. Upload pwd.txt to the directory on the server that you have specified in the CGI script.

Initialization of the forums

  1. Copy the file "forum.txt" to "[name].txt", where [name] is the name of the forum (see below). If you leave the name "forum" you do not need to copy the file.
  2. Edit the file and write a short welcome message to your visitors. Replace the current values with your data (name, URL of your homepage, e-mail adress, text). If you want to use line breaks in the message, you have to use a %0A instead. The file must contains exactly one line.
  3. Update the file into the data directory (see $datadir above) on your server.

Installation of the Java Applet

  1. Upload all files starting with "Forum" (beside of into the directory on the server where your HTML files are.
  2. Copy the following lines unchanged into the HTML file that should contain the forum:

      <APPLET CODE="Forum" WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480 ARCHIVE="Forum.jar">
        <PARAM NAME="cabbase" VALUE="">
        <PARAM NAME="name" VALUE="forum">
        <PARAM NAME="cgidir" VALUE="cgi-bin">
        <PARAM NAME="maxentries" VALUE="200">
      <APPLET CODE="ForumAd" WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=52 ARCHIVE="ForumAd.jar">
        <PARAM NAME="cabbase" VALUE="">

  3. If you have changed the file name of the CGI-Script, please add the following Applet parameter:

        <PARAM NAME="cginame" VALUE="Forum.cgi">

  4. You might have to change the value of the parameter "name" (name of the forum on the server), "cgidir" (name of your cgi-bin directory), "cginame" (name of the CGI script) and "maxentries" (maximum entries in the forum, if there are more entries the oldest ones will be automatically deleted).
  5. Upload the HTML file to your server.
  6. Copy this file (e.g. to ForumAdmin.html) and add the following Applet parameter:

        <PARAM NAME="isadmin" VALUE="YES">

    This file is used by the forum administrator only. Please do not add a link to this file anywhere, it is for private use of the administrator. Using this file you can update and delete entries in the forum.

More information

You can find more information, an example, and payment information on the homepage of the forum,