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How to setup YTP-BBS
It's very easy to setup YTP-BBS if you follow these instructions.

  1. First of all, please extend the file ytpbbsen???.zip which has been downloaded into your PC. (??? means the version of YTP-BBS.)
    Two directories, namely, bbs & cgi-bin will appear.
    • bbs
      • bbs.loc
      • bbsform.html
      • setup.html
    • cgi-bin
      • bbsmail.cgi
      • bbsmente.cgi
      • bbssearch.cgi
      • makeform.cgi
      • ytpbbs.cgi

  2. Modify the file in cgi-bin directory by your editor according to your site.
    Take note of the following important items.
    • $sHome = '';
    • $sCgiPath = '';
    • $sBbsPath[?] = '';
    • $sCgiBase = '';
    • $sHtmlBase[?] = '';
    • $sMailPath = '';
    The function of each value is explained in the file. Please read it carefully before modifying these values.

  3. Next step is modification of bbsform.html in the bbs directory.
    • The value in <INPUT type="hidden" name="BbsNo" value="0"> on 22nd & 63rd rows means the number of your bulletin board.
      No need to modify when you run only one board, but if you have more than 1 board, please change this value.
      The second board should be value="1" and the third should be value="2".
    • Change the value of action="????" attribute both on the 21st & 59th rows according to your address.

  4. Modify the #!/usr/bin/perl part located on the top row of the files *.cgi (namely, ytpbbs.cgi makeform.cgi ....) in the cgi-bin directory of your PC according to your respective provider.
    Cases like #!/usr/local/bin/perl, as well as other cases exist.
    When you are not sure, it is advisable to refer to your provider.

  5. Transfer the files in cgi-bin directory to your provider server's directory which can run CGI (usually, cgi-bin directory) by ftp command in ASCII mode.

  6. Change the permission of the files named *.cgi on the server to 755.
    To change, chmod 755 *.cgi is enough.

  7. Make a new directory (ex. bbs) on the server and change its permission to 777.
    And transfer the files bbs.loc & bbsform.html on your PC to that server's directory by ftp command in ASCII mode.
    Please define this directory for the value $sBbsPath & $sHtmlBase in the file.

  8. Enter the URL for the bbsform.html of your server and post the first message.
    When the message you posted is displayed, it means your configuration has succeeded.

  • Exact modification according to your server is required on & bbsform.html.
  • Do not change the file name of YTP-BBS scripts.
    Modify file if you need to change.
  • When you make a link to your board, link it to the VIEW file (the default value is index.html) in the bbs directory which you created.
  • YTP-BBS scripts contain Japanese multi-byte characters. It can even run on the English system, of course.
  • Enter the password and push "Administrator Login" button to be a administrator.
  • When a message is posted with Mailing List "Subscribe" option, the e-mail address is added to the list automatically.
Please don't hesitate to ask about YTP-BBS.
The support page is YTP-BBS Support BBS.

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